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I’m flying high
I’m letting go
I’m telling myself it’s time to go on.
I’m putting all
I need now
into my heart and closing the door.
And I’m letting go.

No matter where I am
No matter where I’ll go
No matter what’s the weather
I got my own old sweater.
No matter what’s the past
No matter what’s out there
I take a deep breathe
I’m letting go.
-credits to me
I feel like
It was wrong but
I scream like
I am scared now
I breathe while
Walking in the streets
Without you.

I bet life
Is always unfair
I bet you
Are always far away
I bet I’m
Not the right type
Of girl for you.

And I’m going away
Leaving today
Letting the hopes fade away.
Breathe in the dark
Run as fast
As I can to disappear and let you be
I feel
Like I’m not getting there
I breathe
And the air’s getting cold
I don’t
Know what to think right now,
i’m scared.

I go
Somewhere I don’t know
I see
Places and people
But I still think
That I won’t get there
-credits to me
All we have is this right now
An unknown future and a not-so-known life.

Crazy things, unfair decisions
Bright lights shining in the dark
Crazy adventures, unfair endings
But this is life right now.

We hold on through the traffic lights
We brake rules just to feel inside
Something to keep going on for
Something that no one will ever take away.
-credits to me
Photo taken by: @kokyla_ 💙
And I know that things change
That we’re flying away
And I know that it’s hard
To see through all this haze
But I’m always right here
If you look you’ll see me
Somewhere somehow but still me.
-credits to me
Artistic photo of the pattern on my Paisley Skirt from @primark 😃

Here’s to the flower girls 🌸