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The place right now. 🌸
Summer ⭐️
Glasses ⭐️
When you dress up, look at you in a mirror when you can see your full body. Then imagine to be someone else that doesn’t know you and think about what that person may think of you (looking at your style eg. clothes, accessories, make up, etc.).
Then make sure what comes out is how you want people to see you; if it isn’t so then change something about your look, try new outfits or accessories or make up, change something until you look at you in the mirror and think you look like the person you wanna be.
Hope this helped ✌️
QOTP: have you ever done this?
AOTP: always, I always try to look like me, eg. I never wear outfits that make me look like a “perfectly perfect” girl or a “don’t talk to me” girl. If you know what I mean haha 😉
Copying people or things is not good, but I think there’s not problem with taking inspiration from them.
Just make sure that what comes out is something you made.
QOTP: one thing you took inspiration from?
AOTP: the bio of an Instagram account (I don’t follow them so I don’t remember the name).
Song of the post: Better than revenge by Taylor Swift ⭐️
Another pic of my new photoshoot 😃
My favorite song is Fearless by Taylor Swift so that’s why I bought a tattoo with the text “fearless” at @tattify 😃
QOTP: what’s your favorite song and why?
AOTP: Fearless by Taylor Swift because I love the lyrics and this song helped me so much 💙💙
Wearing “Viola hair clip” from @glitterbanjo - soooo cute and perfect for summer!!!
If you wanna be irreplaceable you need to be original and unique first. So don’t be a copy, be yourself.
QOTP: tell me 1 thing of you that you think makes you unique?
AOTP: probably my style (clothes, accessories, etc.) 😉⭐️🎀
I think everyone can be pretty. Sometimes I see girls complaining because they don’t feel pretty, and looking at them I see they wear clothes that make them look fat or short, they never wear make up, neither lip gloss, they never take care of their hair, or nails, they wear glasses that don’t look good with their face shape. These are all small things that make them look less pretty.
So before complaining, try fixing these things: take care of your look.
QOTP: do you take care of your look?
AOTP: of course.
Song of the post: Who says by Selena Gomez ⭐️
Sometimes you think lying is good not to hurt people, but truth always comes out, one way or another. So I think you should always say the truth because if people find it out later it’ll hurt them more. ⭐️
QOTP: do you lie often?
AOTP: almost never, I’d hate it if someone lied to me so I try not to do it.
Song of the post: you’re not sorry by Taylor Swift 💜
A flawless day with awesome people ⭐️⭐️😃
Photographer: @diamerita 
QOTP: how do you usually have fun?
AOTP: I just need the right people by my side 💜😃
Song of the post: Fearless by Taylor Swift 💙
16. August 2014

Photoshoot: green, glasses and us

20140816-112507 AM-41107526.jpg

This is a photo shoot I had with a friend, I took pics of her and she took pics of me ;) and some other friends took pics of us together.
Hope you like it :)

20140816-095142 PM-78702092.jpg

20140816-095202 PM-78722709.jpg

20140816-095211 PM-78731398.jpg

20140816-095233 PM-78753026.jpg

20140816-095243 PM-78763905.jpg

20140816-095255 PM-78775641.jpg

20140816-095307 PM-78787975.jpg

20140816-095349 PM-78829257.jpg

20140816-095403 PM-78843532.jpg

20140816-095416 PM-78856847.jpg

20140816-095424 PM-78864669.jpg

20140816-095547 PM-78947576.jpg

20140816-095553 PM-78953723.jpg

20140816-095601 PM-78961225.jpg

20140816-095720 PM-79040630.jpg

20140816-095732 PM-79052429.jpg

20140816-095739 PM-79059819.jpg

20140816-095747 PM-79067268.jpg

20140816-095800 PM-79080910.jpg

20140816-095809 PM-79089698.jpg

20140816-095926 PM-79166315.jpg

20140816-100113 PM-79273948.jpg

20140816-100249 PM-79369987.jpg

20140816-100304 PM-79384937.jpg

20140816-100328 PM-79408783.jpg

20140816-100415 PM-79455331.jpg

20140816-100557 PM-79557892.jpg

20140816-100612 PM-79572018.jpg

20140816-100630 PM-79590906.jpg

20140816-100649 PM-79609065.jpg

20140816-100930 PM-79770970.jpg

20140816-101006 PM-79806536.jpg

20140816-101017 PM-79817728.jpg

20140816-101029 PM-79829718.jpg

20140816-101130 PM-79890194.jpg

20140816-101145 PM-79905107.jpg

20140816-101209 PM-79929008.jpg

20140816-101430 PM-80070419.jpg

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