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Darlin, you’re hiding in the closet once again, start smiling. I know it’s a drag, wipe your eyes and put up your head. - Darlin by Avril Lavigne
Looks and smiles and shy hellos. I hope you know.

QOTD: your age?
AOTD: 18 :)
Took this yesterday 😊 #nofilter 😃💛
Love my new bracelet 😊😊💜💛
Good morning awesome people 😊😊💜
The best way to be okay is not caring about things, just do what you want and live your life 💙💙😊
Sometimes I wonder how it would be if he was here. And I end up thinking “so much better”.
Love having blue hair. 💙💙
Ootd 💜💙😊
I love the pics we took today 💜
Yay 💜💜
Selfie againn. Help me reach 1k followers 😃😃💜